We care about our planet and

we pledged to contribute for

its well-being and sustainability.

We respect in nature, animal kingdom, and humanity that we share our world with, hence in 2021, we founded a brand that offers sustainable, luxurious accessories with contemporary designs, while acknowledging all parties. 

From Nature

Plant-based, leather alternative accessories

Derived from the word "ayana", meaning "beautiful flower", "path", "direction" and "colorful" in different languages, AYANAS only uses plant based, eco-friendly premium fabrics such as Piñatex®, which is made from fibres of pineapple leaves (visit www.ananas-anam.com for more information) and %100 cotton fabrics.

Vegan Only

Cruelty-free luxury

We love animals, so we never use them in our products. From the fabrics on our products, to glues, adhesives, dyes, even pens and tapes, we only use animal free materials.

Sustaınıng Our Planet

Plastic Free Delivery

Our philosophy is to avoid using synthetics as much as we can and lower our carbon footprint. In addition to being plant-based and animal free, in our deliveries, our bags comes with 100% cotton cloth bags, hand-printed with award-winning BittiGitti's screen-printing kit (for more information visit www.bittigitti.com) and we use cardboxes and kraft papers instead of plastic courier bags and wrappers.

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