Ela Bucket Belt Bag in Piñatex® Paprika


Bucket Belt bag made with Piñatex® Paprika color

Adjustable belt helps to wear it at the waist or over the shoulder as a crossbody

With interior zipper pocket

Vegan, no animal-based glues, adhesives and dyes are used

Handmade in Turkey


Exterior: Piñatex® Original Paprika

Composition: 72% PALF (Pineapple Leaf Fibre)
18% PLA (Polylactic Acid)
5% Bio PU
5% PU

Lining: 100% cotton
Dimensions: L:15,5cm , H:20,5cm , D:8,5cm
Care Instructions:
1) Clean your product thoroughly using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water
2) Let your item dry before any application is made and refrain from using a heat source to dry more quickly
3) Apply a small amount of natural colourless wax of your choice to a dry, soft cloth and rub sparingly over the textile in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Do not use too much wax as it may not fully absorb
4) Leave your item to dry naturally for 24 hours after application
5) Buff the wax off with a dry cloth or soft brush





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